Abonado – LaboreoFertilising – Ploughing

El aporte de abono que se le da a la viña es de estiércol de oveja con enmiendas solo algunos  años, siendo realizadas en los meses de invierno para que los fríos y las lluvias lo degraden y se funda en un cuerpo cuando se pasan los arados al comienzo de la primavera.Fertiliser in the form of sheep manure is applied, while soil enrichment is only carried out in certain years during the months of winter, when the cold and rain can degrade the product and enable it to merge into the whole by the time the soil is ploughed at the start of spring.

The soil is ploughed twice a year, the first time being in March at the end of the pruning, with deep ploughing; and the second in May when a rotovator is used to get rid of spring weeds.