Vineyard tasks

I would also like to mention the tasks I carry out in the vineyard, or should I say the tasks I don’t carry out? In any case, these are very simple jobs.
What I don’t do is remove the vines’ lateral, secondary shoots, or trim the shoots when they are long, or green harvesting. I just remove sucker shoots in May and June, as a follow-up to the pruning; and in August I cut away any bunches that are too far behind in the ripening process.
This is what previous generations have always done in our area, and this is my philosophy. I believe that by managing the vines in this way, I am able to optimise the amount of nutrients brought to the grapes by the vine leaves during the last month of ripening, since by the time the harvest arrives, the leaves are very small –a result of the climate, soils and the low number of spray treatments.