The climate
The character

The climate has Atlantic-Continental influences with a rainfall of 695mm (27 inches).
One of the features of the climate is the great variation in diurnal temperatures, which can differ as much as 25°C between day and night during the months of August and September. These climatic conditions make for great wines. Daytime temperatures can reach highs of 35°C, while night-time lows can be around 10ºC, and importantly this is where the microclimate plays its part. The stones in the soil continue to give off the heat they have accumulated during the day and create the effect of a heater around each vine, enabling a high concentration of tannins and polyphenols in the grapes, while lowering excessive acidity and helping to prevent over-ripeness.
Another feature of the area is the short growing season. At approximately 30 days less than in other vine-growing zones, the first buds shoot at the beginning of May, and the grapes are harvested at the beginning of October. This shorter vine cycle helps the plants to escape vine diseases, such as downy mildew and powdery mildew.