Vineyard plots

The 6,000m² Llamoricas de Moreno plot is made up of three sub-plots that were planted at different times. The first one dates back to 1992 and was planted with 400 Tempranillo vines, which provide the grapes for our ESTRELA brand.
Then in 1998, a second plantation was made with 800 Tempranillo and 100 Shiraz vines.
A third subplot of 700 Tempranillo and 200 Shiraz vines covering 2,000m² was then planted in 2007.

The 4,000m² Yagome plot was planted in 2007 with 1,500 Tempranillo vines, and it is from these vines that the grapes for our MARINA DE ALISTE brand are sourced.

The distance between the vineyards is 300m.